Five Signs Your Roof Sustained Water Damage

Five Signs Your Roof Sustained Water Damage

Unfortunately water damage can happen very easily depending on the area that person is living in. Pretty hard to avoid unless a person puts a cover on the roof which would be very costly. There are multiple signs on how someone could tell that their roof is damaged due to water or not. Some reasons are more obvious than others so here are five reasons.

  1. Leaking

The most common and obvious sign that a roof if watered damaged is seeing water leaking from the roof. More damage done, the bigger the leak will be. When it gets to the point of seeing a bulge inside of the roof that is a big sign to worry about a possible collapse of the roof. It is best to get it fixed while the leak is small so it will be easier to fix. If a person waits too long to deal with it early like with anything else the harder and more costly it will be to fix. Unlike with some of the other signs depending on how high that person’s roof is this is one of the signs that can be temporarily patched up until it fully gets fixed. Commercial roofing in Arlington is really good with dealing with leaks.

  1. Damage to the top of the roof

Another very common way but something the average person won’t check for because who really looks at the top of their roof? Parts of the top of the roof will be chipped, even completely missing depending on the type of damage. If someone wanted to stop the damage before it even gets started paying attention to the top of the roof would be ideal after it has rained.

  1. Soft wood on roof

This will go hand in hand with reasoning number 4 below. If a roof has parts of it that aren’t leaking but are in a soft soggy state then that means it is the beginning of the end for the roof. Those parts aren’t going to get better no matter what is done to them. The only solution is to replace the parts of the roof that are soft to prevent the leakage that is bond to come.

  1. Discoloring

A roof is like a tooth in the sense that if teeth are anything other than white that means there is some damage done to those teeth. Same applies to a roof if a person’s roof was white and now there is black spots or browning spots on it that are obviously not natural. If it gets to that point chances are that person has had a damaged roof due to water damaging for a while now. Although there are other reasons why a roof may be discolored such as humidity the main culprit would be from rain. This can happen inside the roof or outside.

  1. Damaged penetration

This includes many different things such as plumbing, ceiling lights, chimney’s if they have one, electrical outlets, things of that nature. This is probably one of the most dangerous signs especially if anything remotely electrical is involved. Will be dangerous to even fix depending on the given situation. If it gets to that point then it will damage different parts of the house all stemming from one issue.

For anybody in the Texas area specifically Arlington, commercial roofing in Arlington is a pretty good option to deal with any of these water damaging situations